Whitepaper overview

In today's global fund management environment, the regulation underpinning sustainable disclosures have become crucial, with varying levels of alignment among economies, businesses and funds.

It underscores the importance of standardised definitions, transparent methodologies, and a shared comprehension of industry best practices, particularly given the nuances involved.

The emphasis in 2024 will be an open dialogue between regulatory authorities and the industry's collective commitment to transparency and sustainable financial practices.


Key regulations explored

This whitepaper details key regulatory changes scheduled and pending in 2024, and how they will impact the funds management industry, including:

  • the latest developments in sustainable taxonomies,
  • how far global jurisdictions have come in establishing their own taxonomy framework following the EU's leading Taxonomy Regulation introduced in 2020,
  • the challenges and opportunities of sustainable disclosures,
  • regulatory responses to greenwashing and fund labelling,
  • the different stages of regulatory development in jurisdictions such as the EU, UK, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong, and
  • recent changes to the Sustainability Disclosure Requirements (SDR) following the FCA's Policy Statement PS23/16.



* Due to its fast changing nature, there have been developments to the proposed ASRS since the publication of this whitepaper. We're working through these latest changes to understand their implications on the Australian funds management industry and will continue to provide updates as the regulation unfolds.


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