Overall Pension Fund Ratings 2024


A 5 Apple rating (gold) is the highest rating from Chant West. For a pension fund to earn 5 Apples it must be one of the ‘Highest Quality Funds’

A 4 Apple rating (silver) is the second highest rating from Chant West. A pension fund with 4 Apples is a ‘High Quality Fund’

A 3 Apple rating (bronze) is the third highest rating from Chant West. A pension fund with 3 Apples is a ‘Fair Quality Fund’





Rating Fund Name Type of Fund Fund Assets ($) Fund Members Website
AMP SignatureSuper Allocated Pension Retail Master Trust 55.4 billion 668,000 www.signaturesuper.amp.com.au
ANZ Smart Choice Retail Master Trust 21.6 billion 334,000 www.anz.com.au/personal/investing-super/superannuation/
Asgard Open eWRAP Pension Account Wrap Account 0.1 billion 3,600 www.asgard.com.au
Australian Ethical Retail Super Fund Retail Master Trust 7.2 billion 123,000 www.australianethical.com.au
Australian Retirement Trust - QSuper - Retirement Income Public Sector Fund 252.6 billion 2,341,000 www.qsuper.qld.gov.au
Australian Retirement Trust - Super Savings - Retirement Income Industry Fund 252.6 billion 2,341,000 www.australianretirementtrust.com.au
AustralianSuper Choice Income Industry Fund 299 billion 3,261,000 www.australiansuper.com
Aware Super Retirement Income Public Sector Fund 140.8 billion 1,079,000 www.aware.com.au
Bendigo SmartStart Pension Retail Master Trust 1.5 billion 19,000 www.bendigosuper.com.au
Brighter Super Pension Accounts Public Sector Fund 21.6 billion 128,000 www.brightersuper.com.au
BUSSQ Income Account Industry Fund 5.7 billion 68,000 www.bussq.com.au
CareSuper Pension Industry Fund 20.9 billion 223,000 www.caresuper.com.au
Catholic Super Retirement Income Industry Fund 11.5 billion 67,000 www.csf.com.au
CBUS Super Income Stream Industry Fund 85.2 billion 914,000 www.cbussuper.com.au
CFS FirstChoice Wholesale Pension Retail Master Trust 68.1 billion 389,000 www.cfs.com.au
ClearView WealthFoundations Retail Master Trust 1.3 billion 10,000 www.clearview.com.au
Equip Retirement Income Industry Fund 19.6 billion 76,000 www.equipsuper.com.au
Expand Essential Pension Wrap Account 21.4 billion 87,000 www.myexpand.com.au
GuildPension Retail Master Trust 2.8 billion 95,000 www.guildsuper.com.au
HESTA Super Income Stream Industry Fund 64.9 billion 956,700 www.hesta.com.au/members/retirement
Hostplus Pension Plan Industry Fund 93.1 billion 1,759,000 www.hostplus.com.au/retirement
IOOF Pension Retail Master Trust 9 billion 112,000 www.ioof.com.au
legalsuper Pension Industry Fund 5.5 billion 42,000 www.legalsuper.com.au
Mercer SmartRetirement Income Retail Master Trust 40.6 billion 322,000 www.mercersuper.com.au
Mine Super Pension Industry Fund 12.7 billion 60,000 www.mine.com.au
MLC MasterKey Pension Fundamentals Retail Master Trust 23.7 billion 169,000 www.mlc.com.au
MLC Navigator Retirement Plan Series 2 - Core Wrap Account 6.9 billion 29,000 www.mlc.com.au
MLC Wrap Super Series 2 - Core Wrap Account 15.7 billion 45,000 www.mlc.com.au
NGS Super Income account Industry Fund 14.2 billion 114,000 www.ngssuper.com.au
OnePath OneAnswer Frontier Pension Retail Master Trust 9 billion 45,000 www.onepathsuperinvest.com.au
Perpetual WealthFocus Pension Retail Master Trust 1.7 billion 10,000 www.perpetual.com.au/wealthfocus
Plum Retirement Income Retail Master Trust 32.7 billion 174,000 www.plum.com.au
Rest Pension Industry Fund 65.3 billion 1,883,000 www.rest.com.au
Russell iQ Retirement Retail Master Trust 9.1 billion 73,000 www.russellinvestments.com.au/retirement
Spirit Super Pension Industry Fund 24.8 billion 330,000 www.spiritsuper.com.au
Super SA Income Stream Public Sector Fund 35.3 billion 203,000 www.supersa.sa.gov.au
TelstraSuper RetireAccess Corporate Fund 24.7 billion 92,000 www.telstrasuper.com.au
UniSuper Flexi Pension Industry Fund 124.7 billion 649,000 www.unisuper.com.au
Vision Income Streams Public Sector Fund 10.2 billion 88,000 www.visionsuper.com.au

Chant West Fund Rating

A Chant West rating sums up our overall view on the merits of a particular fund relative to industry best practice. Funds are awarded a rating from 5 Apples (the highest) to 1 Apple (the lowest).

The rating takes four main criteria into account: investments, member services, fees and organisational strengths.

A key aspect of our ratings is that in most cases they relate to multi-manager investment options (the main exceptions are where the option is mostly passively managed). This is because most members are invested in this type of option. Relying on the provision of formal investment documentation from managers, we focus on the quality of a fund’s investment governance, its internal investment team, its investment consultant and the structure of its investment options. Investment beliefs and processes, and the quality of the people involved, are far more important to us than past performance, which is generally not a reliable indicator of future performance.

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